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October 2023: New patents granted

Lexaria is granted two new patents in Canada1, associated to:

– delivering lipophilic (fat-based) active drugs and active molecules suspended in a water-based format

– infusing tobacco leaves directly with drugs or active molecules such as nicotine with or without cannabinoids for potential applications such as treating nicotine addiction.

Lexaria also filed for international patent protection for DehydraTECH-powered oral-nicotine following the earlier 2023 award of this patent class in the USA. Lexaria now holds 37 granted patents worldwide.

August 2023: DehydraTECH’s efficacy

Lexaria’s DehydraTECH nicotine pouch reaches comparable maximum nicotine concentrations within the bloodstream (“Tmax”) 15% faster than on! and 20% faster than ZYN – in a human study involving 36 long-term smokers2. DehydraTECH technology is claimed to enhance the performance of ingestible compounds across four categories: taste & smell, speed of action, bio-absorption and bio-availability. Faster nicotine delivery is generally associated with increased satisfaction/pleasure from the product (- alongside with a greater likelihood of abuse: “increased abuse liability”).


In January 2019, Altria initially invested (up to) $12Mn to fund the R&D of Lexaria’s DehydraTECH. In exchange, Altria received a 16.7% stake in Lexaria Nicotine (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lexaria Bioscience) and the right to appoint one of the seven company directors – as well as an option to acquire 100% ownership in Lexaria Nicotine through phased investments. However, Altria didn’t exercise its option to invest further into Lexaria Nicotine and lost exclusive access to DehydraTECH for the US market in October 2020.

In August 2020, BAT entered into a R&D framework agreement for six months (with provisions for extension if required) to investigate Lexaria’s technology for potential use in nicotine products. The Agreement didn’t contemplate development of oral nicotine products in North America, given Lexaria’s then-existing relationship with Altria.

In March 2022, Lexaria Bio received its first-ever patent grant (in Australia) to use DehydraTECH to more efficiently deliver nicotine through buccal tissue absorption. Similar patent filings were also made in the USA and EU.

In April 2022, Lexaria Bio entered into a new agreement with Altria (to be in effect until March 31, 2023) until to provide certain DehydraTECH powder-based nicotine formulations for evaluation.

In May 2023, Lexaria Bio completed the pharmacokinetic clinical study of DehydraTECH nicotine pouches. The study is fully funded from internal company resources.


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